investment focus

The Wells Investment focuses on Bio/Healthcare, High-Tech ad Consumer Sectors through selection and concentration

Invest in fields with the highest potential for growth in the future, as a new growth engine industry.
Build a systematic review and deal sourcing network through the strategy of selection and concentration.


The Wells Investment has built a leadership position in the bio/healthcare investment in alliance with the industry expertise and partners

  • Backing local/foreign drug and biotech corporations in their production of new medicines and expansion into the global market
  • Support biotech corporations with core technologies to improve the management efficiency of corporations and in terms of capital investment funds
  • Create a foundation for growth and synergy by introducing new technology and local/foreign M&A
  • Enhance company growth through Bio Healthcare Committee network of Wells Investment.

High Technology

The Wells Investment technology investment`s mandate is to provide capital and to play a vital role in enhancing IT company performance based on internal IT advisory committee

  • Active participation in management as the major shareholder, after M&A of local small and medium-sized businesses in the growth stage of ICT (*2) and ICT convergence/integration area.
  • Invest on promising foreign corporations to support their entry into local market or to support their synergistic effect with local corporations.
  • Assist local corporation entering into global market.
  • Support business growth through IT Advisory network of Wells Investment.


The Wells Investment provides high-end invest platform to invest in F&B, fashion, and cosmetic industry to seek the most attractive special situation, growth capital, and buyout opportunities

  • Discover and invest on mid-cap companies that are in need of management innovation or expansion of growth engines in the consumer sector.
  • Invest on corporations that possess promising content such as cosmetics or F&Bs.
  • Support business growth through the employee network of The Wells Investment.

Investment Philosophy

Build long-term partnerships

  • Aim for a mutual win-win relationship between LP-GP-Investee company, and aim to create the optimum profit.
  • Aim to increase the corporation value through a combination of management expertise into the investee company.

Creation of steady, continued profit

  • Put more importance on the creation of sustained value rather than temporary high profit.
  • Secure the Downside Protection of the Deal Structure, Property value and Valuation aspects.

Systematic risk management

  • Build a system that shuts risks in advance and afterwards.
  • Early response to risks through the verification process at various stages.

Practice social action

  • Reinvest a part of the investment profit generated into the community.
  • Realize the proper function through acting out public benefits and sharing.